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The Powerful Encounter of Science and Prophecy
תרגום לאנגלית


The book on the theological writings of the greatest scientist in human history, Sir Isaac Newton, written more than 300 years ago, gives a perfect prediction of the fate of the Jewish people and the rebirth of the State of Israel.
And when Newton reveals the divine secret, he blesses God in Hebrew and in his handwriting:
"May His name be blessed forever and ever".

Every educated person has heard Newton's sound, which has laid solid foundations for mathematics and physics, but few know that he has devoted much of his thought to research work in completely different fields.
Newton read and wrote Hebrew, knew the entire Bible about his ignorance, knew the Mishnah, Talmud, Maimonides and Maimonides, as well as many other great and great books of books from various countries and eras.
Among other things he wrote with special emphasis on the special role of the Jewish people in world history and on the return of the future Zion, whose date is accurately predicted.

Col. Retired - Ezra Harel researched Newton's theological writings for 9 years and discovered facts there that appear in his book.


הספר על כתביו התאולוגיים של המדען הגדול ביותר בהיסטוריה האנושית סר אייזיק ניוטון, אשר נכתבו לפני למעלה מ 300 שנים, נותנים תחזית מושלמת לגורלו של העם היהודי ותקומת מדינת ישראל.
וכאשר מגלה ני